We are endorsed by a history.

One hundred years of business history in the metal guild precede ALUMINIO BALEAR, founded in Palma by Guillermo Capó in 1971.

It was started by his grandfather Jaime Capó Alcover in 1875, with a smithy in Lloseta, responding to the agricultural and livestock guild. Tools, forging and casting.

In 1908 he continued his father, Sebastián Capó Mateu.

In 1950 he passed the witness to his son, Guillermo Capó, who began his career in the same major. After eight years, he opened his own business, expanding his offer of industrial machinery and locksmithing.


In 1963 Guillermo Capó, with vision of future, knew to give a turn to his professional trajectory. Faced with the need to grow and adapt to the incipient construction that brought the rise of tourism, he moves with his family to Palma, where he opens a metallurgical workshop: “CAVI”

Iron gave way to aluminum. A new material for carpentry emerged with force in the construction, lighter and without the need of the maintenance that the iron or the wood needs.

In 1969, his relationship with aluminum began. First as a delegate of a Catalan warehouse; Sale of profiles, plates and accessories. Two years later, in that same place, found ALUMINIO BALEAR. In 1974 there are two transfers to the Polígono Ind. Son Castelló. It is here that designs and puts in the Spanish market the first mud and lateral support of the Majorcan shutter in aluminum.

Within a few years, ALUMINIO BALEAR is consolidated in the Balearic market as a reference store for professionals in the sector.

In 1986 its founder participates to its five children creating a joint-stock company.

After his retirement, he deposited the management of the company with his son Sebastian, knowing that with his efforts and knowledge, ALUMINIO BALEAR will continue to grow, adapting to the new demands of the market.